Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bass Boat Overboard Situation Filmed

In a recent bass tournament, the team from the University of Florida had the camera rolling as they were running to their first fishing spot.  Waters were very calm, and they were clearly rolling at better than 50MPH, which is a lot for the water.  As they moved to overtake another boat by manoeuvring through the slower boat's wake, disaster struck:

A couple of things to highlight:

  • Think kill switches aren't important?  It clearly saved the boat in this circumstance, and perhaps saved these guys' lives as well.
  • Ditto PFDs.  Thankfully these guys were wearing one, and that the PFDs worked as designed
  • It is amazing to see the number of boats that passed these guys up when they clearly have been tossed out of their boat.  Is a tournament that important?  Seems to me that there should be a rule that disqualifies any team that refuses to render aid to another team in obvious need.
Boats continue to get bigger and bigger in terms of engines, and as this example shows, a simple hop of a wake can lead to disaster.

These guys are really lucky that things did not end up significantly worse.

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