Monday, April 4, 2016

Play Ball

There is nothing better than opening day of baseball.  Despite what the team looks like on paper, statistically, you've got a chance to be there.  And despite their execution, your favorite team will only be a couple of games out of first even if they get swept in their first couple of series.

Beyond what's happening on the field, there are the other components that come with the arrival of the regular season.  It's the promise of spring, regardless that there is still fresh snow on the ground.  It's listening to the game while fishing on the lake, or while sitting by a campfire.  It's falling asleep on the couch after catching only a couple of the first innings of a west-coast swing game.  It's the one inescapable sign that summer really, truly is coming.  

It's also memories of games, friends, family members, baseball cards, batting averages, and shaking your head at your grandma because she loved Clint Hurdle (.259 lifetime batting average) because "he's goooood lookin'."

Welcome back, baseball.  We missed you.

Play ball.

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