Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Who's In Your Corner?

Between Mrs. YDP's cancer last fall and my current unemployment, we've been under a lot of stress lately.  OK, a lot of stress.  In times like these - where the chips really are down and things are at their toughest - that's when those that are truly in your corner raise their hands and come to your rescue.  They drop everything, bend over backward, and truly are concerned about your welfare.

Likewise, another group bubbles up.  This group actively moves away and tend to fall off the radar screen.  They don't tend to check in, and if engagement occurs, it is usually of the superfluous kind.  Nothing too deep, nothing too close to the emotion of what is happening.

These massive life changes are tough.  Really, really tough.  But they are oh so good at clearly identifying who is firmly in your corner - fixing your cuts, offering insights, and continually rooting you on - and who's merely in the crowd, watching. 

And those that identify themselves as being in your corner, and what you mean to them, well, they make all the pain worth it in some weird sort of way.

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