Monday, May 18, 2015

Recap from the Cabin

The annual guy's fishing trip was held this last weekend.  While the weather didn't cooperate, and we were missing 3 of 4, we still had a good time.  Here is some evidence:

This picture really captures how we run.  Captain JT has us moving out, and we're typically well above 40 MPH, which is petty fast for a boat, especially in 40 degree weather

Here is how things looked from my spot on the bow of the boat at the same time

While the weather was less than perfect, we did have a pretty good bite, and caught our share - more than enough for our annual fish fry

As usual, the food, drink, and BS were all in ample abundance.

Yesterday I was to fly out to Cincinnati for an interview, and I drove two hours to Fargo to do so.  We boarded the plane, but were held on the ground for nearly an hour as Minneapolis (where my connection was) was suffering from stormy weather.  It finally got the point where it was pretty clear that I'd miss my connection and be stuck in Minneapolis for the night, much less miss all of my half-day interview.  Hence, I hopped off the plane and drove back to the cabin.

My interview has been rescheduled for the Tuesday after Memorial Day, which will cost me a day on the cabin at that end.  But I get one back with today.

Unfortunately, this is what it looks like:

Oh well.  Regardless of the weather, there's never a bad day at the cabin...

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