Thursday, May 21, 2015

Camp Traditions Wild Rice Soup

I'm up at my cabin, and two days ago it was bitter cold.  The wind was out of the Northwest at a 20+MPH clip, temps were in the 30's, and snow spat at me while I was fishing.  Don't believe me?  Here is the temp at 4:00 as I was driving to a movie:

On days like these, especially when just coming off the freezing lake, getting something warm to eat can make life a heck of a lot better.  For me, that was some Wild Rice soup by my friends over at Camp Traditions.

This soup, in a packet, just needs water and some TLC over the stove and it is ready to go.  It's rich, hearty, and warm.  However, it lends itself well to getting doctored up, and in my case I added some leftover ham, and it was out of the park good.

It makes 8 big servings, and I've been eating on it for two days, and let me tell you that it gets better with every reheating.  

A good friend owns this company, but I'd be touting this product beyond that relationship.  It is seriously the best thing you'll have at your hunting or fishing camp (and it will give everything a run for your money at home, too).

Buy some at your local sporting goods big box store, or you can order the best soup directly online.

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