Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Unpacking My Office

On Monday I was invited into my old office to come and pick up my personal property.  I was able to fit everything in my truck, and was surprised to see that all that I had at the office fit into five boxes.  

I was also fortunate enough to be the recipient of a couple of hugs while I was there.  Since my visit to the office was kept on the down low, sneaking in a couple of hugs from people that saw me pretty much made my day.

The rest of my day was spent going through all of the boxes.  The photo shows all of what I went through during that afternoon, and for the most part it was all pretty much reference material and junk.  However, there were some good things in the form of cards, mostly sent by my team to me for various occasions, and I happened to keep them as they made me feel good.

And I have to tell you, for a dark day in going through all of my work life resigned to a couple of boxes, those cards made me feel very good, indeed. 

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