Friday, February 20, 2015

The Questions that Cut

In two recent episodes, I was presented with common, seemingly benign questions that absolutely cut me to the quick.

The first episode came when we went out to dinner with one of Mrs. YPD's friends before our concert last week.  The friend had provided our concert tickets, and had also invited another couple to join our group as well.  The other couple were lovely people, and our dinner conversation quite pleasant.

Until we talked about work.

Mr. X - "YDP, what do you do?"
Me - "I'm in ecommerce."
Mr. X - "Ecommerce!  My goodness, you'll never be out of a job a day in your life!  Who do you work for?"
Me - "Actually, I am currently out of a job."

And I proceed to offer up the whole sordid story of my departure.  Which was all good and fine, until the bill came.  Ordinarily, I pick up the bill.  Always.  I just do, have forever, and it drives Mrs. YDP nuts.  Anyway, with my new unemployment, Mrs. YDP had arranged that the bill be split - we'd buy the friend dinner as pay-back for the concert tickets, and have the other couple in charge of their bill.  Unfortunately, the other couple would have none of it, and made a huge scene out of paying for everything.  A huge scene.  Ultimately, I deferred, but not without feeling like a massive welfare case.  Future dinners out will now either have me picking up the tab, or us just not going.  I'm never doing that again.

Second episode is when I checked in for my "Welcome to 50!" colonoscopy.   

Nurse - "Do you still have United Health Insurance?"
Me - "Yes"
Nurse - "Are you still employed by evil company X?"
Me - "No"
Nurse - "Who is your new employer?"
Me - "I don't have one"
Nurse - "Oh, you're retired?"
Me - (thinking, do I look that bleeping old?) "No.  I'm between jobs."

The nurse finally figures out that I still have Cobra, and yes, my forthcoming invasive operation will be fully covered.  Lucky me.

So much of our lives has been built around what we do.  Now that I don't do anything, I'm at a loss as to how to handle these episodes without them ruining my whole week.

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