Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Ads 2015 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This year's crop of advertising did not disappoint, both in terms of entertainment, and head scratching.  Here's who spent their $5 to $10 million wisely, and who just flushed it down the toilet:

The Good

Clash of Clans Revenge - Liam Neesen Revenge
This ad captured an important component of the game, and did so with an icon that epitomizes the concept of revenge.  Very well done: 

Turbo Tax - Boston Tea Party
Great use of humor to get the point across that the software package is free to use.  Spot on message.  Could have done better had it run later in the game, but great ad nonetheless:  

Coke - Server Spill
Nobody did a better job of being on brand than this spot.  Great message, impeccably executed.  Coke wins for the best ad of the day:

The Bad

Nissan - Cats in the Cradle
Horrible song and a completely unclear message as it relates to selling cars make this one a massive miss:

Weight Watchers - Pusher
I will grant you that the message was not bad; in fact, it was pretty effective.  But during the Super Bowl?  It's a party, Weight Watchers.  Nobody wants your sanctimony, even if you are right:

Squarespace - Dreaming with Jeff
Any time you have to spend upwards of $4MM to get people to maybe go take a look at a website, you should immediately fire your head of Marketing.  Horrible waste of advertising:

The Ugly
Jublia - Toenail Fungus
Are you kidding me?  

Nationwide - Dead Kids
This absolutely, positively is the worst Super Bowl ad, ever.  Talk about tone deaf.  And what about parents that were watching the game with their kids?  Holy cow, this is a horrible, horrible ad.  Where was Peyton Manning and his Chicken Parm?  Massive miss, Nationwide.  Just flat out wrong:

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