Thursday, December 18, 2014

Protest Planned at Mall of America this Saturday

To underscore the point that "black lives matter" (don't all lives matter?  I digress...), "community organizers" are planning a protest at the Mall of America this Saturday.  The day just happens to coincide with one of the busiest, if not the busiest, in retail this holiday season.

So what is the true goal of the protest?  Do they really believe that their antics will bring about a change in society that will make black lives matter (assuming that is not the case already)?  It would seem to me, if the goal of the protest was to convey that "black lives matter," there should be gatherings in North Minneapolis about midnight on some weekend night.  

But that's not where the gathering is occurring.  Why is that?  Perhaps, just perhaps this "gathering" is nothing but a group of traditional anti-capitalist thugs with designs of disrupting a massive day of commerce with their antics.

The MOA is obviously concerned, and has offered the "protesters" the ability to gather in an adjacent parking lot to get their message out.  However, since that lot is outside (hey, its Minnesota and its cold out there) and since a protest in the lot won't inconvenience anyone, that offer has been rebuffed.  Hence, we plunge forward headlong into an in-mall confrontation that has the potential to be quite epic.

What does closing down freeways, airports, and potentially a mall have to do with "black lives matter?"  The answer: nothing.  It has everything to do with upping the chaos, causing more division, and wreaking economic war.  

And, I fear, it is just the start of things to come.

Good luck, shoppers.

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