Sunday, December 21, 2014

Greenpeace Tramples Precious Ground to Make Their Point

The Nazca lines in Peru are ancient geoglyphs, created between 400 and 600 AD, that depict humans, animals, and other shapes.  The unique component to them is that their design can only be discerned by being high in the air - quite a feat for someone 1500 years ago.  

Since they're so unique and so rare, they were named a World Heritage Site by the UNSCO.  They are a treasure, not only for Peru, but also the world.

Thus, it is hard then to understand why Greenpeace went out and did this:

Their message was done in cloth, but that didn't stop them from tromping around a fragile and priceless area.

This is just the latest example of leftists running roughshod - on people, businesses, world treasures, you name it - in order to "get their message out."  They honestly believe that their actions are more important than anything or anybody else.  So the "die ins," the blocking traffic on freeways and at airports, the mass protests at malls continue.  As does their message.

The only problem?  Instead of changing people's minds and hearts, they're just pissing people off.  In the case of the Nazca lines, it is the people of the world that are pissed this time.

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