Friday, December 19, 2014

McDonald's Menu a Liability, or an Opportunity?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal. decries the state of McDonald's menu as hurting the franchise.  New menu items, particularly the McWrap, are ordered too infrequently, and when they are ordered, are difficult to assemble and slow up the kitchen's efficiency.

Here is the problem - menu items like the McWrap and the premium salads are just about the only menu items McDonald's has that have a calorie count that is not off the charts.  For example, a sweet chili grilled chicken wrap has 380 calories, and a bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken has 280.  Hence, when I'm on a road trip, I always look for a McDonald's because I know I can get something fast that isn't obscene from a caloric standpoint.  Likewise, I eat McDonald's for lunch at least once a week.

These less popular items are not only calorie friendly, but they're also damned tasty.  Unfortunately, they're not tasty enough to get the masses to choose them over 500+ calorie cheeseburgers (never mind the fries).  So the debate rages as to what McDonald's needs to do to right the ship.  They need efficiency and profits.  But I also believe that breadth of offering does provide incremental business, as if they remove their lower calorie offerings, I'll move my business elsewhere.

And I can't believe that I'd be the only one to do so.

Tread carefully, McDonald's.  I don't envy your path.

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