Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wild Miss Opportunity to Win at Home

With last night's loss, the Wild failed in a great opportunity to win the series against Colorado back at the "X."  For the second time in the five games played thus far, the Avalanche pulled their goalie down a goal in the final minutes, and the Wild gave up the game-tying goal to force overtime.  And in both extra periods, the Wild lost.

All five games have been won by the home team in this series; thus showing the importance of home-ice advantage.  With the Wild barely making the playoffs, if they are going to go anywhere, they'll need to find a way to win on the road.  But before all of that, they're going to need to win in St. Paul on Monday night.

The Wild have played very good hockey.  They've given a very tough Colorado team all they could have asked.  However, there is no hardware with names written on it of players of teams that won moral victories.   

Ownership has invested.  That talent needs to produce.  Chicago is waiting.  The time is now.

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