Saturday, April 12, 2014

Five Ireland Surprises

I  apologize for not keeping the blog updated.  Unupdated blogs are my personal pet peeve, and I sorry I subjected the loyal readership of this blog to it.  Hopefully, you'll come back and interact in short order.  

Please do, as I've been on holiday this past week in Ireland, and have not had a free minute to craft some words or share a thought.  Hence, since Mrs. YDP is doing our final packing, I have a quick minute with something to share.

This was my first time in Ireland, and as such, there were many nice surprises along the way.  Some of the larger ones:

  • Ireland is a nearly rural country.  Unlike a lot of Europe, she's not as densely populated, and it was a joy to see her natural beauty.
  • The people of Ireland are unlike any other.  Friendly, learned, funny, and kind, they were so pleasant, and so accommodating to their visitors
  • Guinness is bleeping unbelievable.  While it is a little different at every stop (due to cleanliness of the lines, barwar, tap, etc.), it is a fantastic drink.  I could not get enough.
  • The country is wildly Catholic.  While the States are speeding their way to an atheistic nirvana, there are churches, statues of Mary, pictures of Jesus, rosaries, and crosses everywhere.  It so warmed my heart, and made me feel like we may still stand a chance.
  • Irish brown bread is different every place that you have it, and it is fabulous regardless of where you get it.  Especially if served with unsalted Irish butter.
Lots more posts and pictures to come.  But in this past week, I have clearly seen a jewel - a land touched by the hand of God - and her surprises have simply enchanted me.  

God bless Ireland.

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