Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ireland Day 2

Our second day in Ireland, like many of them, involved changing weather.  Despite the alternating meteorology, there was still much to see:  

 This graveyard, located on the shores of a quiet Irish fjord, seemed a peaceful spot for an eternal rest.

 Ireland is a very spiritual place, and this tree, felt to hold powers of blessings, is filled with physical items of people needing healing.

 Peat is an important fuel for this part of the country, and in some instances is still harvested very manually.

 A now-defunct girls' school would have been an incredible place to get an education.

 The chapel at the school, built by the original owner in memory of his deceased wife.

This is Ireland!  Sea, land, livestock, beauty.  Everywhere.

Cold temps prompted me to get a hat.  I thought I pulled the look off pretty well.


  1. ha! ha! I have that EXACT same photo of the defunct girls school from my trip to Ireland probably 10 years ago now... and the sky was the same gray...


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