Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Worst Thing that Can Happen

In times of great stress, my wife always seems to come through with some timely and sage advice to help me through.  And one of her standards, and arguably her best tidbit, is for me to ask myself, "What is the worst thing that can happen?"  

And usually, the answer to that question is not nearly as bad as what I got myself so whipped up into a froth about in the first place.  Indeed, usually the worst thing that can happen just isn't that horrible.  

But what is horrible is what happens when that question gets asked, and the answer comes back as mighty unclear.  At this point the fear of the unknown combined with the feeling of losing control combine to form a quite formidable foe inside my little brain.

Then what?

The only place left at that time is my faith in God.  My faith that there is a plan, there is a path, and I just need to stop worrying and follow it.  Unfortunately, God's timeline and mine are two very different things, and as much as I'd like to accelerate the process, it is important for me to just keep the faith, roll with what is happening, and know that in the end it will all be alright.

Easy to say, but very hard to do.

Will everything be alright?  Yeah, it will be.  Will I ever be able to let go and just walk the path, confident that there is something bigger determining where it goes?  

That, gentle reader, is the Grand Prize question...

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