Tuesday, February 11, 2014

President Says Law Doesn't Matter, For Now

In another astonishing move, President Obama has mandated that employers with under 100 employees (actually, a very large amount of businesses) won't have to provide health insurance until 2016, even though the law says otherwise.  Hence the fines, cancelled policies, and political blow back are saved for another day.

It just so happens that the day happens to be after the midterm elections.  Just a coincidence, certainly...

A couple of thoughts on this:

  • We're now in dangerous territory, where the executive branch can mandate law, based solely on how they and they alone choose to enforce it.  The precedent that this sets is downright frightening
  • Republicans could sue the administration to actually honor the law that they'd passed in attempt to hold the President in check.  Unfortunately, the cost of doing so would be to have the magnitude of Obamacare hitting the economy in all of its girth, and the risks to our fragile economic existence are just too high to do so.
One thing we know is that political winds change.  And when they do start blowing to the backs of conservatives, the pathway Obama has set for ignoring the law and making things up as he goes along will be something that will eventually make liberals howl.

But right now, nobody cares.  All that matters is keeping as much Democratic power through the next election as possible.  So the liberal media machine turns its head, looking so forward to consuming their political sausage, but content as hell of ignoring how it is made.

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