Thursday, February 20, 2014

'Fun in Funeral' Photo National Disgrace

Old news, I know, but I was on the road and couldn't weigh in, so am doing so now.

The attached is part of a social media post, where a member of the team brags that they "put the FUN in funeral."

It's beyond disgusting.

Thus far, two soldiers (can I even call them that?) have been suspended - that's right, not fired, not court martial-ed, but suspended - and the fate of the rest seems up in the air.  In the meantime we still have soldiers returning home in those coffin draped caskets, only those caskets don't serve as props for a social media post.

They contain the remains of a dead hero.  A hero that died for his country.  Not one that was yucking it up with their buddies from the comfort of home.

I have never served, so I know I need to temper my anger.  But if I was on the front lines and saw this, I couldn't wait to get back to Wisconsin, visit my brothers and sisters in the National Guard funeral team, and kick the living crud out of them.

This act is beyond stupid.  It's beyond ignorant.  And, it might be me, but it just feels like that's how we roll in our society today.

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