Monday, December 16, 2013

Simple Crime Reporting Now Not Politically Correct

From the StarTribune this past Saturday, The Black Faculty and Staff at the University of Minnesota wrote the University president, alarmed that so many crime alerts featured black males as suspects.

The cause for their alarm?  Well, it had to be about safety of the kids and staff on campus, right?  Nah.  Their concern is that black males would now be "profiled" - a term that serves as a dog whistle to liberals that a minority group is being oppressed.

Never mind that the people that are committing the crimes are black males.  That fact just isn't important if it hurts feelings.  Hence, in order to be fair - not protect the public, but be fair - I'd suggest that all future crime not be reported as being committed by a person, as we all know that "person" is code for a racist to assume "minority."  No, instead, let all crime be reported as being conducted by straight white males.

Because, well all know, although they might not be guilty of the crime being reported, they are indeed guilty.

Whitewashing crime reports.  Literally.  Somewhere George Orwell is laughing himself silly. 

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