Friday, December 13, 2013

A Written-Off Christmas

It has been a tough Christmas season at the YDP household.  Issues at work have created stress galore, which has tainted the season ever since Thanksgiving.  Hell, ever since last New Year's for that matter.

Then the health issue struck.  The debilitating pain, lost hours, and mental and physical trauma cost us nearly a week out of our lives.  It consumed everything.

So Mrs. YDP and I were sitting on the couch last night, looking at our barely decorated house with one eye and the calendar with the other, and wondering if any of it made sense.  And that's when we struck the deal - we'd be writing off Christmas 2013.  No more decorating the house (inside or out), no decorating the tree, no cooking, no more Christmas cards, none of it.  We'll complete our shopping and that will be it.

Sad, really.  Christmas is such an important holiday to both of us.  But with where we are in the season, and what we've faced, neither of us are in the mood for the additional stress that accompanies "celebration."

A week from Saturday, we fly out to meet family for a week-long vacation.  Our eyes focus there.  I personally look forward to the hugs, smiles, and laughs provided by my nieces and nephews.  I hope to find a small Catholic church to attend midnight mass.  I'll watch Pope Francis' say his first Christmas mass from St. Peter's with a fire in the fireplace, and a great glass of my brother's wine in my hand.  And from there, I'll fall asleep.

And perhaps, then, some return will be received on a Christmas that had been previously written off. 

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