Thursday, December 26, 2013

Phil Robertson vs. A&E, or Bigger than That?

Answer?  It's bigger than that.

What is happening is that "political correctness" is attempting to drown our what is perceived to be an offensive opinion.  Never mind that Phil's religious orthodoxy holds an equally offensive opinion in the other direction.  And in this day and age, political correctness trumps religion.  Every time.

Who's right?  Me personally, I always come down on the side of openness and dialog, and against bullying and censorship.  And that is exactly what GLAAD is espousing.

I have dear friends and family that are gay.  It is my belief that they were that way their whole lives, and that they cannot change who or what they are.  It is not their choice, anymore than my heterosexuality is my choice.  That's just how I see the world.

Some people see the world differently, and that's fine.  We're better as a society when we talk to each other and communicate.  But when there is a demand that all talk cease, and when bully tactics are applied to promote a position, we all lose.

If anything, the gay community should know what it is like to be forced to comply by powerful forces.  By doing the exact same thing to those of a religious persuasion, they ultimately become what it is that they abhor.  And that's the irony of the entire situation.  Tolerance demanded but not given gets nothing.  Only hate.

And religious, gay, both or neither, haven't we had enough of that?

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