Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Start a Career in Ecommerce - Part 1: It is Easier than You Think

I was interviewed recently for a book on careers in ecommerce, and the question was raised on what one should do if they wanted to start off a career in the industry.  It is a great question, and I'm surprised that it hasn't been covered more extensively.

Hence, I will be creating a blog series to address the question.  While I know that it will have very little appeal to the regular traffic of Yellow Dog Patrol (and for that I apologize to the loyal readers and contributors), I expect it will get traffic from the search engines, and hopefully the advise helps.

As someone that hires folks in ecommerce, you might also say I have an ulterior motive.

So we begin the lesson:

So you want to get a career in ecommerce?  Congratulations!  It is a competitive, fun, dynamic, rewarding, and ever-changing career.  And I mean ever-changing:  
  • 15 years ago it basically didn't exist  
  • 13 years ago email marketing was just gaining hold and Google was just being born 
  • 8 years ago Web 2.0 and a new level of interactivity was born
  • 6 years ago Apple launched the iPhone, and set m-commerce on its way
  • 5 years ago Facebook explodes, and creates a whole new arm of electronic marketing
  • 3 years ago Apple launched the iPad, and tablets take off as new access points to websites
Whew, what a list!  Each and every one of these points (and many others that have not been listed) have been incredibly disruptive, and have required ecommerce marketers to adapt and change.  Hence, if you're looking for a nice, stable job where your days are are the same day to day, year to year, this is definitely not the career for you.

With so much at flux, how could anyone enter into the industry?  From the outside, it looks like trying to board a train that is speeding by the depot.  While I admit that the speed is daunting, there are tons of tools.  Tons.  And the even better news is that many of the best ones are free.  Hence, if you're up for some work and some self-study, the door to a job in ecommerce will open wider and quicker than in just about any other industry.  And as someone that hires for this industry, I can certify that is not an exaggeration.  

Stay tuned for the first step on getting started.

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