Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hunting with Kin 2013 in Pictures

I just returned from the Northern Invasion version of the annual Hunting With Kin that the Yellow Dog Patrol executes.  While the ducks didn't cooperate that much, a good time was still had by all.  

Here are some visual highlights:

One of the best things about being a duck hunter are the incredible things we see while we're out in the swamp.  This beautiful bayou sunrise is just one example.

Here's cousin Chris on the outlook for some inbound ducks.  There weren't any.

Our Friday morning tradition is breakfast at the truck stop. Cholesterol levels definitely maxed out. 

This is what happens when a couple of Yankees have too much time on their hands and the weather is warm.  

Trust me, you do not want to drink this.  Under any circumstances.  Nasty...

This year's trip involved a visit to the Duck Commander headquarters in Monroe.  Just like the ducks, no Robertsons were sighted.  

The best part of the trip was our newest member of the Yellow Dog Patrol.  Meet Brandy, Cousin Terry's 1 year old pup.  She proved to be a heck of a dog, even in her rookie campaign.  It was really fun to see her experience all these new things and figure out the game.  She's already made a fine addition to the YDP.

The second best part of the trip is eating like kings.  Here's a big bowl of Suzie's homemade crawfish etouffee.  Now, if we could only convince her to come up and cook for us up at Lake Ben... 

While the ducks were few, the laughs, good times, and memories were not.  I already can't wait for our next adventure.  

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