Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Vikings Improbable Season Over

The Vikings' season ended last night on the Frozen Tundra as Joe Webb was unable to muster any kind of quarterback play to take pressure off of the running game.  With an offense that was rendered to one dimension, the Packers won in easy fashion.

But what a season it was!  After winning only 3 games in 2011, the Minnesota Vikings leveraged a fantastic draft, a more seasoned quarterback, and a completely astonishing resurgence of their star running back (one that should garner him the NFL MVP), to make the playoffs.  Even the most biased of Vikings fans could not have predicted the improvement this team made this past year.

While there is still work to do, with the advent of another draft, more work by Ponder, restored health to Percy Harvin, and the acquisition of a potent wide receiver (think Ziggy got a good look at Greg Jennings last night?) this team can no longer be considered the worst of the NFC North.  There is a lot for which Vikings fans can be optimistic.

So congratulations, Vikings.  You did us fans proud.  Especially those of us that reside in the belly of the beast.

We did attend the game last night with friends.  While we arrived at Lambeau late, we did get in a quick tailgate.  Here's the lovely Mrs. YDP and our spread, taken just minutes before she got too close to the heater and burned her coat.  

We're already looking forward to next season.  Skol.

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