Monday, December 10, 2012

Vikings Playoff Picture

I was hopeful that with a strong win against the Bears yesterday that the Vikings may have propelled themselves into a strong playoff position.  However, after doing some research, I'm clearly wrong.  

I found a really robust site,, which shows the following (click for a larger image):

The site gives a very strong breakdown of each team, and their potential future fortunes.  And for my beloved Vikes, things are tough.  They're going to basically need to run the table (very tough to do with Houston still on the schedule) and even then they're going to need help.

It was a great season of improvement.  AP put up not only a Comeback Player of the Year effort, but is poised to be the league MVP as well.  Kalil is turning out just as he was projected as a #1 pick - as a steadfast lineman and outstanding athlete.  Chad Greenway is having a Pro Bowl season.  Harrison Smith has turned out to be the best Vikings Safety since Joey Browner.  However, Ponder's erratic play and Harvin's time lost to injury conspired to keep the guys from making the next step.  

This team is not that far away, and with another draft and perhaps a free agent move or two, they might finally be playoff-bound.

Unfortunately, as the data shows, this year is looking like it is not the year.

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