Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rush to be Inducted in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Finally correcting an injustice over a decade in the making, the Rock and Roll Hall of fame will induct Rush into their 2013 class in April of the coming year.

Rush deserves to be in the Hall, and it is nice that the voters finally got it right.

When the inductees were announced, I made predictions on who would get in.  Let's see how I did:

  • Albert King - 2:1 An influential blues guitarist is the type of guy the Hall loves CORRECT
  • Chic - 10,000:1  Le Freak is French for I don't think so CORRECT
  • Deep Purple - 8:1 They wrote the 12 notes that are arguably one of the finest riffs in rock and roll history.  That alone gives them consideration  NOT IN, CORRECT
  • Donna Summer - 25:1 I just don't see the need for the Hall to recognize disco SHOCKED SHE'S IN - INCORRECT (and I don't get it at all)
  • Heart - 50:1 Heart should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.  They won't be  INCORRECT, AND COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY TO BE WRONG
  • Joan Jett - 10:1 If there were no Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, there would likely be no Joan Jett.  Think about that, and then consider how the Hall will treat these two acts CORRECT
  • Kraftwerk - 15:1 Massively influential, but given the Hall's hatred of prog rock and the more cerebral approach to music, I don't think this act gets in CORRECT
  • The Marvellettes 100:1 Mr. Postman won't have their invitation to the hall CORRECT
  • The Meters 100:1 Funk founders won't make it CORRECT
  • NWA 1:1 They'll get in.  And that makes me sick INCORRECT, BUT SEE BELOW
  • Paul Butterfield 1,000:1 The dude played Woodstock.  That will have to be enough CORRECT
  • Procol Harum 1,000:1 As stated earlier, the Hall hates prog rock CORRECT
  • Public Enemy 2:1 If NWA goes, Public Enemy might not go so as not to appear to be too rap heavy.  But it is only a matter of time before they make the Hall TAKES NWA'S PLACE - CORRECT
  • Randy Newman 1:5 Big lefty artist with a wide resume.  Slam dunk CORRECT
  • Rush 8:1 I'm betting the Hall does them wrong, as they have so many times before - INCORRECT
Overall, I went 11 for 15 on my predictions - not bad.  And on two that I got wrong, I'm pleased with the outcome.

I can't wait for the induction concert - rock on!


  1. Hall of Fame's are becoming jokes by allowing marginal bands like Rush and Heart into the Hall. Not that I dislike either band, although I think Rush is vastly overrated by the Yellowdog. But with 4-5-6 acts being inducted every year, the talent level is being watered down.

    AS far as Sidd's position on Disco, he is missing the point. How can the RR HOF ignore a muscial trend that was dominant for an extended period of time. Disco was a dominant cultural trend, influencing fashion, dance, entertainment, and art, for better or worse. I am not sure if Donna Summers deserves to be in the HOF either, but for her era she was as influential and important as Rush and Heart.

  2. House,

    Disco was viable for 2 years. Then summarily panned since the trend phased. It was a period that all of us would just as soon forget. Bee Gees? Maybe, since their careers extended before and after the disco era. Lipps Inc. and Donna Summer? No way, baby.


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