Saturday, December 29, 2012

Double Bubble

There are a lot of things about Wisconsin in general, and Green Bay in particular, in which the stereotype is very close to reality.  One of them is drinking alcohol.  A lot of alcohol.

Those that know me know that I'm no tea-toddler; far from it.  However, compared to my neighbors, I'm still in the minors.  The bars around town and Lambeau Field itself, well, that my friends are the drinking big leagues.

While "two for one" offers have gone by the wayside at many bars outside of Wisconsin, they're a standard here.  But it's not "two for one."  It's "double bubble."  If you say "two for one," they'll out you as a Minnesotan and start telling you how bad your football team is.

And it isn't any rinky-dink double bubble either; one where the price is inflated to compensate for the free drink.  No sir.  This is buy one for the already affordable regular price and the next one is on the house.

My local establishment has even gone so far as establishing a Double Bubble Club, where all one needs to do is flash the magic card (originally purchased for $20), and every other drink will be free with a prior paid one.  Here's my card, along with my libation of choice, and my upside down shot glass denoting that I'm owed a free one for my next drink:

My buddy, no tea-toddler either, and I have put this to good use.  In just a couple of visits we've wiped out our purchase fee, and we're now "playing with the house's money," so to speak.  In fact, we've run some numbers and we're pretty sure we're going to get the guy that originally thought of this fired before the promotion comes to an end.  

His loss is our gain.

Double bubble.  Your guidepost to drinking economy here in Packerland.

Just don't ever call it "two for one."

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