Wednesday, September 19, 2012

View from Highest Point in Brown County Wisconsin

I'm still playing around with my Hero 2 camera, and took it on a recent bike ride last weekend.  My ride takes me up to the highest point in Brown County, and offers a great view of Green Bay - from the main bridge on the north side of town to Lambeau Field.

While the video didn't do a good job of capturing the things in the distance, it does provide a good indication of the amount of speed I get on the down side of the hill.  The road has a speed limit of 35 MPH, and the truck that passes me is doing between that and 40 MPH. 

Note that I didn't include any video of me slogging up the hill.  That would not have been nearly as interesting.


  1. The highest point in Brown County, Wisconsin is not there. You would have to walk to get there.


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