Sunday, September 30, 2012

Journalism Near Death

It used to be that when politicians lied to the American public, especially about weighty matters, they were held accountable by a capable media.

No more.

The Obama administration knew that the Lybian embassy attack, and the subsequent sodomy and murder of our Ambassador, was a coordinated terrorist attack.  They knew it from the jump.  But for weeks and weeks, the administration has blamed a YouTube video.

Why?  Probably to protect the president's foreign policy record weeks before the election. 

And protect the president is just what the lapdog mainstream media has done.  The only exceptions have been the journalists of Fox News (especially Chris Wallace), and ABC's Jake Trapper:

What happened to our journalists?  Why did they propagate a lie for the administration?  Who has the back of the American people anymore?

Scary questions.  And the answers are even scarier.

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