Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who I Owe

I've reread my post from yesterday, and I'm embarrassed by it.  I was writing angry, and it shows. 

The post comes off as being way too self-centered.  The fact is, I do owe a debt of thanks for what I've been able to achieve.  To many: 
  • My parents, who raised me in a loving, functional environment, and who taught me a work ethic and interpersonal skills that continue to serve me. 
  • My siblings, who pushed and supported me, and serve as a great example from which to mimic. 
  • My wife, who has loved, supported, and sacrificed right along with me. 
  • My extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews that have kept me loved, thankful and grounded. 
  • Friends, who have pushed me, consoled me, mentored me, and provided needed stress relief. 
  • Coworkers, some of whom are the best people I've met in business, including great leaders, great teammates, and great employees. 
  • St. John's University, which taught me so much, especially the role faith, family, and community plays in life. 
  • God.  I was blessed to be born in a free country to a loving family.   
Indeed, the list of who I owe is a long one.  But you know what's not on this list?  The government.  While I'm grateful for our Bill of Rights, our veterans, and those that worked hard to create an environment in which one could be successful, that environment exists for every American.  While other Americans may not have had the advantages listed above, it doesn't mean that they're somehow owed something.  Nor does it mean that someone who enjoyed this support is now more obligated to the government. 

Don't get me wrong - via my position I am obligated, and my wife and I are generous in our charitable giving.  It was a lesson from my mom and dad that was not lost on their son.  But our obligation is to our community and its betterment.  It is not to give more than our fair share of money to a government that is wasteful, corrupt, inefficient, harmful, and biased. 

Mr. Obama is right, I didn't get there on my own.  I got there because of the people on this list.  But not because of the government.  If anything, I got there in spite of the government.

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  1. I know you owe me for at least one Jackson.


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