Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Sunday

The following is how I spent my past Sunday:
  •  I was awakened from a terrible dream by my dog jumping on my bed.  I awoke screaming, much to the delight of my two nieces, who were trying to contain my dog, but failing miserably.
  • Wonderful breakfast of some Breadsmith toast
  • Long bike ride to Stoney Point Campgrounds
  • Made my way through the StarTribune and Outdoor News
  • Lunch of some famous Green Bay brautwurst from Maplewood Meats
  • Fishing with my wife while listening to the Twins game,  While we caught just one small walleye, it was a great afternoon on the water.
  • Finished watching the last inning of the Twins on the TV, in between fading in and out of consciousness due to napping
  • Took all the nieces and nephews out in the middle of the lake for a swim.  Judged their diving contests.  All were spectacular.
  • Came in and had a nice pre-dinner cocktail, followed by some incredible French wine
  • Played my brother in cribbage on my dad's old board.  Lost, but it is game one of many
  • Ate a dinner of fabulous Mackethun's ham
  • Played a game of sheephead
  • Went fishing with my aunt and two nieces.  My aunt boated a monster Northern Pike (her second in so many days) and one niece caught a monster walleye while the other caught a fat rock bass
  • I poured myself a large Old Fashioned, and am sitting by a campfire writing this blog post.
Not bad for the first day of vacation...

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