Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Walker Recall a Microcosm for the Union

The effort here in Wisconsin to recall Governor Scott Walker will be extremely telling for the broader future here in the US. 

There are two mighty factions at work here, and the one that wins will ultimately determine our path forward.  On one side is Walker, who campaigned on fiscal restraint and the need for reform.  The state was on a spending path that was no longer financially viable, and cuts needed to be made in order to get Wisconsin’s house in order.  The Governor implemented what he promised.  On the other side are those on the payroll of the government.  Armed with sweetheart compensation packages offered up in years past to secure votes for previous administrations, these groups see no need to give up what was “rightfully” negotiated.   However, as Greece, Italy, California, and just about everywhere else has shown, the money is long gone.  Status quo can’t work.  Hence, the choice is now to continue to grow those on the government payroll and suffer the impending financial meltdown that will eventually arrive, or restructure things so that we have a chance of pulling out of the nose dive before hitting the ground. 

And so the sides square off – those that take from the system, and those that pay into the system, and slowly but surely, those that take from the system are growing in ranks.  They now have the ability to force recalls, and send a very clear and pointed message to all elected leaders that follow: Don’t jack with our gravy train.  If you do, we’ll have your job.  Since most politicians now only care about being reelected ahead of everything else, this is an incredibly powerful threat. 

Thus we wait and see which way Wisconsin will fall. For as Wisconsin goes, so too, in all likelihood, will go the rest of the union.   


  1. "Fiscal restraint, need for reform?" What a crock. Walker had the same budget money as any other Governor. Only he decided to give most of the money to his corporate buddies. The only cuts being made are jobs like mine. Where he corporately, privatized with MAJOR pay cuts or layoffs. I was one of them laid off. I was a state worker for 10 years with no health care, no employee rights and no raise for 5 years. I barely made ends meet. When did it become a bad thing to be a civil servant? When Republicans wanted to get into the pockets of the middle class even deeper, that's how. It's never enough. This isn't about unions. Never was. Nobody likes unions. They are a necessary evil to fight against the rich getting even richer. We will soon have a working class party in this country and bring things back where they need to be. Make the wealthy pay their fair share, once again, like we all have to. This recall is only the beginning in making these greedy political figures like Walker and his Koch buddies pay for selling America down the river. -Farly

  2. Farly,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry you lost your job, but Farly, you're hardly alone. Of my friends, family, and coworkers, that's touched EVERYONE. Welcome to the perpetual recession. Layoffs, furloughs, foreclosures, bankruptcy, and tens (if not hundreds) of thousands lost in real estate and stock equity. EVERYONE I know has suffered this.

    My wife has been out of work for a year and a half now, with zero prospects. My friend is turning his house back to the bank. Another friend was just laid off before Christmas. I can go on for pages. You're no different than anyone else. We're all suffering.

    So recall Walker and get the blood you seek.

    Then what? Seriously, then what? There's not even a candidate yet. It's a joke at best, and unhinged rage masking itslef as vengence at worst.

    Is your life going to be better? Nope. When the IRS grabs the pitchforks and torches and goes after the billionaires and takes from them their "fair share" (which nobody chooses to define), it won't matter. It CAN'T matter. We owe $15 TRILLION dollars. Take every penny billionaires have - both income AND assets. Take it all. And we're still not even close to having the gap closed.

    Then what?

    Math's a bitch. We don't have a tax problem in this state, or in this country. We have a spending problem. Obama can contiue to piss away money via "stimulus," the rich can "finally pay their fair share," and we'll still be in perpetual recession.

    And just wait for the education bubble to burst (it's coming) and for $4.50 gas this summer. You think you have it bad now...

    Kick out Walker. Vote status quo with Obama. But if you expect those actions to have any kind of different impact on your life, you are kidding yourself.


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