Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Food Stamp President

Newt Gingrich is taking a lot of heat for his calling Obama "The Food Stamp President."  The criticism, some veiled and some overt, is that Newt's claim is somehow racist. 

Unfortunately for those so eager to play the tried-and-true race card, the facts are on the Speaker's side:

This graph can be viewed in two ways; each of them as starkly different from the other as they can be.  The first is that it shows compassion - just look at how many folks we're helping!  The other with disgust - look at how many of our neighbors can't even feed their families. 

One is something of which to be proud, the other, something of which to be embarrassed.  One shows the system works, the other shows it's flawed.  One reflects success, the other failure.   

Regardless of your interpretation, this is the record upon which the President must run.  We know what he thinks of this graph.  What voters think will ultimately decide the election.

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