Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Union Thugs at Messmer Catholic School

Last Friday, Governor Scott Walker attended the Messmer Catholic School in inner-city Milwaukee to read to students.  Union thugs, not wanting to miss an opportunity to voice their displeasure with not only the Governor, but also with a Choice School, attended to disrupt proceedings.  The following video captured the event: 

So why are citizens so outraged?  Is it perhaps the 85% college attendance rate by graduates?  Note, that's not a typo - not 85% passing standardized tests, or 85% merely graduating, but 85% going to college!  In the video Brother Bob boasts that he'll put his kids up against any school in the state, and with numbers like that, he's going to win.  Hence, for the unions that means it is time to break out the "HEY HEY, HO HO" chant one more time. 

A couple of other things to note: 
  • Check out the fat mom calling Br. Bob a scumbag at the :30 mark, and the thug that aggressively bumps into Br. Bob at the 1:06 mark.  Easy to see where the term "union thug" comes from... 
  • This protest occurred on Friday.  The kids are at school.  The Governor is working.  Br. Bob is working.  And these thugs have nothing better to do than come to interfere with what is arguably the most successful school in Wisconsin.  Pathetic, pathetic losers.  
  •  In the whole video, the best behaved of those featured were the children.  Says a lot, doesn't it?  
  • I wonder if this was a Muslim school instead of a Catholic school that it would have attracted this type of protest (or any kind of protest at all). 
I knew Wisconsin had a liberal bias, especially in Madison, prior to our moving out here.  I had no idea how bad it is, and this kind of behavior by the left is embarrassing and pathetic.  This is simple union intimidation and thug behavior; committed in front of innocent children for Pete's sake.   
Sad, piggish behavior.  
 In fact, I got so upset that I sent Messmer a check - along with a matching gift from my employer.  I encourage you to visit their site to learn about the good work that they're doing, or just fast forward to making a donation yourself.  I'm not sure you'd find a better cause.   
Ironic, isn't it, that after all of the chanting and bully tactics, the net result is that more funds flow into Messmer?   
Thanks, unions.  Keep up the good work, and by all means, stay classy.


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