Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review of AT&T's 3G MicroCell from Cisco

We happen to live in a part of Green Bay were AT&T cell coverage is especially bad.  It is so bad in fact that we approached AT&T to acquire a 3G Microcell for our house to enable a more consistent service.   

Our first attempt at using one of these devices was a nightmare - despite trying to connect it a multitude of ways, the device would not work.  Customer Support was of no help as they blamed trees in our back yard from blocking satellite performance.  I knew that was a crap answer - I could get satellite reception for my satellite radio just fine within the confines of my garage - so I asked my wife to take the unit back to AT&T and demand a new one. 
The representative there that helped her was actually a huge help, and confided that many of the units AT&T was sending out were in fact refurbished units.  He exchanged our model for a new one, and I was able to install it in a number of minutes.   
The result is five bars of coverage via an "M Cell," to which my iPhone can attest:

The clear calls are a welcomed change.  Overall, I'm impressed with the technology, once we got a unit that actually worked.   

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