Saturday, April 24, 2010

San Antonio's Mission Trail

We spent a good chunk of the day yesterday biking the Mission Trail in San Antonio . The trail starts at The Alamo in the north and runs past four beautiful missions further south.

We began our ride at the Blue Star Brewing Company; a great micro-brewery that was also home to a friendly restaurant and a fun bike shop. If you stop, be sure to get their IPA - incredible.  More on all of that in a separate post.

We stopped at three of the four missions, and snapped the following shots:

The history of these old missions is remarkable as one considers what people had to endure nearly 300 years ago to get to the area, survive, and ultimately thrive. It was also heartening to know that the missions are still active parishes. It is amazing that the hard work of those missionaries nearly three centuries ago is still paying spiritual dividends even now. These are blessed sites.

We figure we probably did about 28 miles total yesterday, and while we didn’t go those final two miles to Mission Espada, we still felt fulfilled. The trail itself is quite diverse, running from inner city neighborhoods to parks to river areas to very rural-feeling areas. What a great way to spend the day.


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