Sunday, April 25, 2010

Enterprise Luxury Upgrade - Woot!

When we arrived at the Enterprise car rental and I’d checked in, I knew there was something wrong. We were first in line, yet three others behind us received their cars and were out the door. Finally our guy came clean and said that they were having a tough time in finding the convertible that I had reserved.

Typically in situations like this I try to be a decent human being. I’ve seen people throw fits, and know that folks who work in such industries have to put up with that garbage just about every day. We had nowhere to be, and the convertible was not a requirement, so we just chilled out and let the chips fall. Through it all, they commented over and over how much they appreciated our patience and how much they regretted the situation. 

Well, the chips ultimately fell, and did in our direction. We were set up with this Cadillac SRX here, with the double moon roof (damn near a convertible),the sport transmission (fast!), and pretty much all of the other goodies. All done at the same price as what I had originally reserved.

Now, we may have got the same deal had I decided to have a tirade. But by the time I left Enterprise, they were smiling, as were we. That’s kind of what life should be all about.

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