Sunday, March 28, 2010

LaGuardia and Thoughts of Capt. Sully

With my trip to New York last week, my flights took me in and out of LaGuardia airport. It was impossible for me to look out the window and see the sights of landing and take off and not think of Captain Sullenburger and US Airways flight 1549.

This was especially true as I had completed Sullenburger's book Highest Duty just a couple of months prior.

I had also got a tip from a buddy that showed a real time simulation of the crash. It is some really compelling video and I want to share it here.

Sullenburger may not think himself a hero, but the calm decision making he went through in an incredibly complex, deadly, and confusing environment is something to behold. Those passengers were incredibly lucky to have him on the flight deck that fateful day.

I strongly endorse Highest Duty - it's a great read.

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