Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alice In Chains - St. Paul Concert Review and Set List

I attended the Alice in Chains show last night at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul. This is my first time seeing the band, and was incredibly impressed. With the death of lead singer Layne Staley, I knew his replacement William DuVall could pull off the vocals on their studio album. I was curious to see if he could do it live. Consider me convinced. The band sounded terrific.

Set list is as follows, to the best of my recollection:

All Secrets Known
It Ain't Like That
Check My Brain
Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
No Excuses
Your Decision
Got Me Wrong
We Die Young
Check My Brain
Acid Bubble
Angry Chair
Lesson Learned
A Looking In View
Man in the Box

Random thoughts on the night
  • I had been warned that acoustics at Roy Wilkins weren't good, but from my location center stage floor, they sounded just fine.
  • The high harmonies by this group are stunning. It is hard to believe that a band that rocks so hard can have vocal stylings that are so beautiful.  DuVall was totally up for the task
  • Jerry Cantrell is a really talented guitarist. I think he's way too underrated. He put on an outstanding show.
  • Nutshell was preceded by an introduction to the band, including a mention of Staley. Classy move.
  • I forgot what standing 30 people deep was like, as the temperature inside had to hit 80. Also, I got to stand directly behind a 5'9" version of Gimli from Lord of the Rings. He smelled like Gimli too.
  • Hard rock, alcohol, and youth can turn young men into absolute douche bags.
  • Cantrell mentioned a couple of times how important the crowd was to what they do, that we're "part of the family." He seemed really sincere in stating this.
  • Song of the night for me was Again.  It is my favorite, and it did not disappoint.  In fact, it tore the place down.
  • Middle Class Rut opened, and I was pretty darned impressed. I need to check out some of their work.
Thanks, Alice, for a heck of a show.  Hope to see you again sometime down the line.


  1. I was there as well, only I was up in the seats. Really not a bad seat in the house as their sound hit everywhere. It was my first time too seeing them & I was very impressed. Pretty much a state of awe the entire night.

    Loved the 3 song encore...really shows their love of just playing.

    You're right...Layne would have been proud of William DuVall. It's so fitting that they picked him, who has been a friend of the band since 2000, to step up to honor Layne's name.


    Emmetsburg, IA

  2. Stacey,

    Great comments - thanks for posting up.

  3. Hello, How are you? We are a group of Chilean fans of Alice in Chains, and we are very aware of what makes the band. The reason for this comment, is that the setlist, we raised doubts, therefore, to begin with, "Check My Brain" is repeated in 2 times (Maybe it is "Last of My Kind"?)
    Check this:
    There are some differences, and we'd like you left us clear this. Our blog, there is a post about last night's show.
    Would be very grateful for your help. By the way, you are welcome to visit our blog, if you wish.
    Thanks for your time, Bye
    PS: Gimli rulez!

  4. I have to agree with your assesment, fantastic show. I had seen Alice in Chains several times since they came on the seen in the late 80s, and this show was as good as any I had seen in the past.

    I brought my 14 year old son to the concert for his first show, and I am certain this show is one he will never forget.

  5. A good venue overall...I would go back
    Not as impressed with Middle Class Rut as you,
    but that's why we review, eh?
    William is "very real", and brings much to the table!
    Can't wait to see them for a 4th time. Twice in the last
    6 months (see blog) , and initially in '94 w/Layne at
    the Eagles Ballroom in Mila-wauk-kaee
    Please read my formal review at

    BTW....have you ever had the API/pop-up prob
    w/your Blogger blog? Your thoughts? Just (X) thru it


    ps.....nice blog man!

  6. Chile,

    Thanks for the correction - it was a late night, and I appreciate the information.


    That's a heck of a concert to break your cherry on! You've set the bar high for your son.


    Thanks for the comments. I really liked your write up (much more thorough) and encourage folks to check it out. I like your blog - we have a lot in common.

  7. nice review, i'm with you 100% they put on one hell of show, it was my 4th A.I.C. show (1 with layne)and they just keep gettin better!! just wanted to note that in the set list you forgot love hate love.....I think it was played after we die young.

  8. Thanks for the review....I've seen this group earlier at First Ave in 2009....this show was unreal...I was on the floor, about 10 rows back and it sounded awesome. Jerry Cantrell is a musical genius, and always good to see a live show and performance by a future hall of famer....these guys left my ears ringing for the entire next day. 22 song setlist....nice way to end their North American tour.

  9. Anon #1,

    Thanks for the correction on the set list. I did it right after the concert, and figured I'd screw something up. I appreciate the note.

    Anon #2,

    You're so right about ears ringing. I forgot my ear protection, and it took nearly 24 full hours to get it all back. I'm kicking myself for being so reckless, but damn, it was kind of worth it.

  10. I attended the show and must have been near you! The very tall guy was behind me most of the show, and was ridiculous. Although I later found out that I much preferred him to the guy with a hook for a hand that was purposefully clawing young females in the crowd, including me, to try to get to the very front. Thanks for the set list!

  11. Anon,

    Thanks for the post. I didn't see the hook guy, and am kind of glad I didn't :-)


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