Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Class in Delta's 767

In travelling this past Thanksgiving vacation, I used some miles to upgrade our travel to first class. While the trip to Charleston is not a long one, the benefits of travelling first class during a busy travel weekend (easy boarding, lots of room, express security, cocktails, etc.) just make it a good use of those dusty miles.

As part of the leg back from ATL to MSP, we were aboard Delta’s 767. This is the first time I’ve been in first class in this big bird, and the amenities were awesome.

First, this plane is outfitted for oceanic crossings, and that means big reclines. The keypad for the chair provides some insight of all the aspects of comfort that are under your control.

All that recline means there needs to be space to accommodate, and while my picture came out poorly, this cabin configuration took legroom to a whole new arena.

Perhaps the best part was the personal video system. I personally enjoyed two partial movies and real-time flight tracking (altitude, location, speed, tailwind, ETA, etc.).

Not sure why this big bird was doing domestic duty – probably had something to do with getting it up to MSP for another flight – but for two very tired post-Thanksgiving travelers, it was a fabulously comfortable ride.


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