Thursday, December 24, 2009

End of the 1st Period: Humanity 1, Storm of the Century™ 0

Looks like the storm petered out early this morning, so we're now looking at three different waves of precipitation. We got about 5" of the lovely stuff here; just SE of us about 10 miles it sounds like they got 9" so we're lucky.

With the break in the action the neighborhood got the snowblowers rolling right away. The break is perfect as the temperature is high (mid 20's) and there is very little wind. Snowblowing in wind is like drinking non-alcoholic beer - Oh, it can be done, you're just not going to have any fun doing it.

We're poised for the winds to come up and the snow to start again later this afternoon, so it is not over. Regardless, the pre-game hype doesn't appear to match the actual performance of the opponent.

Come on, Storm of the Century™, is that all you got?

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