Monday, November 16, 2009

Trigeminal Neuralgia - Better and Worse

I have kind of a strange update to report. Pain from last couple of weeks was just OK with a lot of minor aching, but no significant stabbing – the levels were definitely tolerable. I’m finding a very high correlation between my stress level and my amount of sleep and my pain. The higher the stress, and the less sleep I have the worse I’ll be. In fact, on Sunday I had 9 hours of sleep and spent the day hunting, and had zero symptoms. None! I went so far as to think maybe I had stumbled into a period of remission.


Back to the working week, and no special stress at all – just the usual stuff, and I’ve had four really horrible stab episodes.

This whole thing just sucks.


  1. I too have recently been diagnosed with TN, but after seeing postings/videos of other TN sufferers I know mine is not as bad as it could be. I have had all the tests and there is no explanation. In fact, we just repeated all the MRI's and blood work last week and I'm waiting for the results. I don't expect to hear anything different than a few months ago.

    I was prescribed Neurontin, but the side effects have kept me from taking it yet. I decided to try acupuncture instead and the pain is so much more mild than it has been for the last several months. Have you noticed if your pain is worse after laying down? Mine definitely is which affects my sleep. This led me to think that this is some form of migraine that causes an artery or vessel to press on the nerve, but my neurologist doesn't think so. You can email me at

  2. krnn45b,

    Thanks for the post. I've found great comfort in the folks over at If you've not been there, I'd encourage you to stop by.

    Best of luck, and keep in touch.


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