Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2009 Minnesota Pheasant Season Update

Pheasant hunting remains incredibly tough in the state and the corn harvest has just now begun. At our farm, we were blanked two weekends ago, and if not for this guy running down the driveway at me on a suicide mission as I was leaving, I would have been blanked again last weekend.

As it happened, though, I saw him about the time he saw me, and instead of flying into the safety of 80 acres of standing corn, Einstein here opted for the switch grass; cover that is in play for a yellow dog patrol.

And as I pulled my vehicle over, I just so happened to have one of those yellow dogs in the back of my rig. A quick gun load, a release of the hound, a thirty yard walk, a flush, a shot, a retrieve, and presto – dinner is delivered.

Clearly he was not the brightest bird in the farm. Glad the yellow dog and I got to him before the fox or coyotes did. I don’t think he would have been a good match for them.

Despite his intelligence, you can’t argue with his beauty. There’s not much prettier in nature than the rooster pheasant.

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