Sunday, November 8, 2009

Minnesota Vikings Schedule - A Cake Walk

As we come out of the bye, looking at the remainder of the schedule has our beloved Purple as finishing with a record of 15-1. Don't believe me? Fool!

Check out the following:

Detroit at home - It's Detroit. Hello...
Seattle at home - A better team than you'd expect, but still not a challenge.
Chicago at home - This once-fearsome team is now beset by poor play on multiple fronts.
At Arizona - Warner will be destroyed in this game, especially with Winfield back. Not an issue.
Cincinnati at home - It's Cincinnati. Hello...
At Carolina - Jake Delhome will be destroyed.
At Chicago - See post on Chicago above
Giants at home - The one scary game. It will all boil down on who has what to play for. I think the Vikes will have a shot at home field for the playoffs (New Orleans will lose to New England, and as the Miami game showed, are susceptible to disaster) hence I see a post-bye table-run.

Oh, I've drunk the Kool-Aid, and drunk deeply my friends. I even have the purple moustache.

Go Vikes!

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