Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Green Room Waconia Restaurant Review - Belgian Beer Dinner

Last week my wife and I attended the special Belgian beer dinner held at The Green Room, our favorite local restaurant here in Waconia. For those that have not been out here for lunch or dinner, you are missing out on a fabulous restaurant. The chef is incredibly talented, the menu diverse, the wine list functional, and the service top notch. This is a Minneapolis quality restaurant in little Waconia, and we're so lucky to have this jewel in our back yard.

Every month or so the restaurant does a wine dinner - a multi-course dinner accompanied by a specific wine for that course. We've attended a number of those dinners, and have been thrilled at the new food and wines which were introduced to us there. So when they announced a Belgian beer dinner, we knew this had to be something special. Consider this menu:

  • A fresh oyster, chilled and served with a Belgian that drank a lot like champagne (I'd offer more information, but this was an add by the chef and was not on their menu)

  • Chareruterie - wonderful European sausage and mixed cheeses served with a Kwak beer

  • Smoked trout and endive served with Tripel Karmeliet - outstanding trout that was almost hurt-yourself good

  • Mussels and French Fries, a Belgian staple, served with a Koningshoeven Dubbel

  • Wild Boar stew that was off the charts, served with a St. Feuillien Brune

  • A finish with a fresh made chocolate waffle with a wonderful raspberry Framboise Lambic from Lindeman's

This was a simply amazing meal - worthy of the finest of restaurants in the largest cities. 6 courses, complete with drinks, for $54 a person.

And, oh did I fail to mention that included 2 Belgian beer glasses?

This easily was our best restaurant meal in 2009. Next time you are anywhere near Waconia, Minnesota you absolutely owe it to yourself to visit The Green Room. Incredible.

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  1. Mikey, I'm sure we can find a few pictures of you that will rival a couple of Belgian beers. How about 24 sivler bullets? Or, a couple of 7 and 7's my way.


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