Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 All Star Game Recap

Great All Star Game last night. Quick pace, outstanding pitching, timely hitting, and some fabulous field gems made for a really fun night. The hometown boys of Mauer, Morneau, and Nathan played well, too, although Justin's line looks worse than what his at-bats were.

Interesting to see Obama's reception on the field. Given his approval rating, I expected to hear less booing.

The throw itself was just OK. I admit that I'd probably choke in that situation, so kudos for hitting the target, although the technique could have used some help.

But dude, what's up with the Mom Jeans?


  1. I loved how they were veerrrryyy careful not to show where the pitch went. I'd expect the mainstream networks to play along with that in exchange for the access, but not Fox...

  2. He throws like a girl.


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