Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Econony? Wait, Did You Hear What Dick Cheney Did?

Most left-leaning media outlets and lefty blogs have as one of their top stories that the Bush administration, under the supervision of the hated Dick Cheney, actually was going to use the CIA to assonate Al Quaeda leadership.

This is news? You've got to be kidding me.

Who would not assume that was happening? We have the spooks, and instead of chasing Ms. Moneypenny around the office, I would damn sure expect that they be out in the field trying to kill some bad guys.

The only reason this is getting any play at all is a lame attempt to provide air cover for a president and a congress whose economy (and, subsequently, approval rating) is in absolute free-fall.

When the going gets tough, the left continues to wheel out the specter of Darth Cheney and begin the "war crimes" whispers.

Here's some real news: While that strategy won an election, those days are over. The only people that are truly offended that the CIA was considering killing our enemies are far-left loons. Mr. and Mrs. Mainstreet are worried about their jobs. Period.

Has leadership died in this country?

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