Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Goodbye Grannie

In a continuing housecleaning mode, the Minnesota Wild traded their second-leading scorer to Nashville for Kevin Fiala.  Granny started the season hot but has cooled substantially, and has never lived up to his potential.  He also was a significant salary cap hit, with an additional $7.5MM owed for next year.

The way he and they were playing, Granny was going to go.  The fact that we got someone with the potential like Fiala is a bonus.

In the recent past, we’ve moved the dead weight of Niederreiter, Coyle, and now Granlund.  All needed to happen.  With Mikko gone, it leaves us short at center, and we’ll see how they cobble the lines together, but at this point, it looks like a good move.

The other trades seem to have lit a fire – both with the new guys joining the team as well as those guys left.  We’ll see if the fire continues to burn enough to get into the playoffs.

As they say in poker, all we need is a chip and a chair.

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