Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Do We Really Care about the School Shooting Generation?

This whole week we'll be treated to the students of Parkland High School as we build momentum to their march on DC for the banning of guns.  It started with 60 Minutes on Sunday, where we were treated to a breathless reporter responding to the claim that the students represent "the school shooting generation."

Since the shooting we've been told that we're either for the banning of guns, or we don't care about kids' lives.  The issue was that black and white, and for #NeverAgain to become a reality, we needed to stop accepting that kids being killed in school was OK.  Turn over the guns.  It's over.

Here's a troubling little statistic - 11 teens die every day because of texting and driving.  11 every day.  That is a Parkland shooting every other day.  That's a 9/11 of kids every nine months.  Out kids are dying in massive numbers, and it is all because of cell phones.

The solution is simple - cell phones need to be banned.  Oh, I know how many cell phones are out there, and how many are used safely and never harm anyone.  Doesn't matter.  How many dead kids do you need?  Hand them over.

What about the First Amendment on free speech?  First, the founders could have never envisioned a communication means like this that led to such distraction and death.  Second, your rights go by the wayside if I feel threatened, and with kids and phones, I'm threatened.

Hand them over, and stop the carnage that is occurring on an every day basis.

Then, when we've truly taken steps to save lives - lots of lives - you can go get the guns.   

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