Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Geek Squad to the Rescue

The new place that we bought is fine.  Not great, but fine.  We got spoiled on our last house, as it was built like a brick shithouse.  I'm sure there was some pride in building for an NFL player, and the house showed it.  However, the new house is built more along the lines of everyone else's.

One of the challenges we've had is in getting my plasma TV mounted above the fireplace.  The brick of the fireplace undulates are varying lengths, making it tricky to throw up a mounting bracket.  Add to that the wight of the big plasma (which, as hard as it is to believe, is old technology), and this assembly is a tough one.

We contacted multiple handymen and construction guys, but nobody had what it took to take on the job.  Hence, we needed to call out the big guns and hired out the Geek Squad out of Fargo.

It took us a long time to get an appointment booked - we were out nearly four weeks.  Likewise, the job was going to be an expensive one at nearly $500 due to the complexity inherent in the install.  Ouch on all fronts.  Unfortunately, we had no other options other than to try and sell the plasma (and take a bath) and buy a new TV.  That wasn't happening.

Despite the delay in getting an appointment, once the process started it went great.  Communication could not have been better.  My installer called multiple times ahead of the appointment - to confirm times, to gain an understanding of our configuration, and to remind us of the install.  On the day of the install, they also called to let us know they were an hour out and were on their way.  

They arrived in exactly an hour.  Two guys arrived loaded down with the requisite equipment.  They donned slippers for their shoes and went right to work, all the while soliciting opinions from me on how I wanted things. Nearly two hours later, I ended up with this:

Expensive?  Yes.  Did I get what I paid for?  Yes as well.  

Thanks Geek Squad.   Well done.

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