Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thoughts on Unpacking

Over the long weekend of the 4th I did a lot of unpacking.  The majority of my focus was spent on the garage; placing stuff in shelving as we attempt to move a gigantic house's worth of stuff into a much smaller abode.  It is clear that we still have way too many things, and as I wade through it all, I'm so regretful.  I wish I had even a fraction of the original money that those things cost.  Fool.

Part of my time was spent going through files, and I was reminded of the prestigious roles I've held the privilege that came with them.  Equity agreements, insurance policies, Gold status with Delta - it was all so wonderful.  Then I ran into my performance review from my old boss, and I saw how much I was vilified, if not abjectly hated.  

I finally shredded that review.  Not sure why I held onto it that long.

The weekend way made all the more frustrating as I've been attempting necessary repairs on the new place.  Half of what I've done has been successful, but half again has been an unmitigated failure.  My failure was punctuated last night with the total collapse of a shelf that I had built, and the resulting crash sounded like the entire city's fireworks show had gone off in our garage.

Not a fun long weekend.  It is getting way too long to get into the house and enjoy things.  I still haven't fished since mid-May, I've golfed only one, I have been on the lake a grand total of one time despite paying for lake access and having a dock slip, and in nearly every room of our new home is a stack of things needing to be addressed.

This really kind of sucks. 

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